DWD International – Quality comes standard.

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  • Industrial HVAC & Offshore HVAC


    Our HVAC systems are built to last.
    Some have been in operation for more than 25 years.

  • Custom Designed HVAC


    Our systems are custom designed and built
    to meet the demands of your environment.

  • HVAC Support Staff


    Our knowledgeable staff is always available
    to our clients.

  • On-site HVAC Maintenance

    Ongoing Support.

    Our field service team travels around the world to provide
    on-site maintenance.

Industrial HVAC Systems

  • Over 45 years of experience designing and building high spec HVAC systems
  • Onshore and Offshore
  • Explosion Proof and Corrosion Resistant
  • Designed and Fabricated In-House
  • Worldwide Commissioning and Maintenance

In a demanding, high-risk industrial environment, you count on your equipment to produce reliable operations without interruption. Your air conditioning, ventilation and pressurization systems are no exception.

Every HVAC system designed, fabricated and installed by DWD International undergoes extensive quality assurance testing to ensure that your system will stay up and running even in extreme conditions.

When you need specialized HVAC and pressurization systems that are built to last, call DWD International — where quality comes standard.

HVAC system

Our use of quality materials and processes ensures that your system will maintain its value for years to come.

Many of our HVAC systems have stayed in operation for more than 30 years.

We check our systems against your specifications at every juncture to ensure precision.

We’re always available to our clients.

Project Spotlight

Chevron Jack/St. Malo

Location: Gulf of Mexico


  • 153-Ton Custom Chilled Water and DX System
  • 68-Ton Custom Chilled Water and DX System
  • 50-Ton Custom Chilled Water and DX System
  • 488-Ton Seawater Cooled Centrifugal Chillers
  • 100% Outside Air Custom Wall Units
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